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~~ Razorxsmile ~~'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
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[11 Feb 2004|04:48pm]

This is no longer my icon journal, this is my personal journal, my work can still be seen over at _ic0nic_designs though!

If you still wish to be added, please comment here!

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[26 Jan 2004|04:24pm]
heys all, i'm sorry to do this, but i'm closing this icon journal and it will be reverting back to my personal journal.

Its too hectic struggling with 2 accounts as well as 3 community accounts, so i'm scrapping my old journal which I never use and using this one from now on.

what am gonna do is delete everybody, apart from those that have commented already and if you wanna be added back as my friend please just comment on this post! Or defriend as you will!

If you wanna see my graphics you're going to have to join _ic0nic_designs, if you make icons, headers etc please join graphic_contest and enter the contests on now!
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[29 Dec 2003|02:31am]
I'm now gonna be posting over at _ic0nic_designs - I'll still be posting here but randomkev is posting icons over there too and we're looking for other icon makers to join us! Theres no icons atm but I shall be posting some up later tonight as will randomkev. If you're an icon maker and interested in joining us, please email me at brackish_spirit@hotmail.com and we'll let you know asap

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[22 Dec 2003|01:11am]
Sorry to do this also but must do and add this to the memories section also


1. If you do not add me first and then comment when wanting to be added, I will not add you at all, since you have not read the rules correctly. It is stated on the friends only banner, underneath said friends only banner and in my userinfo
2.when commenting please write "I wanna get Dirrty" then I know you have read the rules (new rule as of 23/12/03)
3. Comment on whatever you're taking
4. Credit razorxsmile for everything you take
5. If it's icons credit in keywords, if it's a header/userinfo banner/friends only sign credit me in your user info and/or use this and write, for example header made by: *button here*
6. If you have a request please post it here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/razorxsmile/11291.html and only here, otherwise the request will be ignored. If you're new here, I'll let you off as you may not be aware.
7. If you don't know how to link the button in your user info, just ask and I'll be more than happy to give you the entire code to copy/paste into your user info
8.Don't ask for a difficult graphic, for example a user info banner which takes a long time to make, tell me you like it and then change it an hour later because someone else made you one. I would prefer if you told me you didn't like it, or wait to see if I'll do you the banner first before asking other people.
9.Do not steal my work and claim as your own
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